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So it’s been a while since I have posted a birth montage… and I have a few to come!! But here is the first.

This is a birth that was augmented after Ashlea’s membranes ruptured but labour did not begin of it’s on accord (or did not have time to start). It was a slow process with Ashlea coping well with the Syntocinon drip, in face she couldn’t even feel it! It wasn’t until many hours after the drip was inserted that she began to feel anything… and then things happened quite quickly!

Here is a little story of how Ashley and Andrew met their son, Oliver 🙂



By Tanya Minotti – Shepparton’s award winning birth photographer

To chat with me about having your birth professionally photographed please call me on 0412673156

Read here about why it’s worth hiring an experienced birth photographer photograph your birth.

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