About Me


My name is Tanya and I am a mother to 6 children, I am also a certified Doula (birth attendant), conservationist, vegetarian and all round animal lover. I am located in Shepparton, Victoria and I have a passion for photography using natural light.
Thank you to Liz Arcus for my beautiful family photograph

My passion for photography goes back many years where it began as a hobby. In 2003 a friend and fellow Birth Doula was planning the birth of her 4th child and she asked me to capture the birth for her. It was there and then that I knew that I wanted to do this again and again and again!! I really LOVE birth photography. And I do believe it is so much more than just “birth photography”, especially when your birth photographer is an experienced Doula!

Birth photography is not just something that I want to capture but something that I have had captured! The birth of my first son (5th child) was captured ameturely by my eldest daughter.

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