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About 2 years ago I met Gillian, David and her eldest two children when I invested in a workshop run by Emily Black Photography in Melbourne. She was our maternity model for the workshop during her 3rd pregnancy. I have written a post about the workshop and others that I participated in during 2014 and you can find the post by clicking here. Gillian’s photographs are also included in the post.

About 18 moths later Gillian, pregnant with her 4th child made contact again on my Facebook page after I had a promotion for my birth photography. We had a little chat and with very little persuasion, she took the plunge and employed me to capture the birthing journey to meet her newest family member.

Gillian had gestational diabetes and expected to be induced but it wasn’t until the last couple of weeks of Gillian’s pregnancy that she was given the date of her induction… the day before I was to travel to Melbourne to meet up with some amazing photogrpahers!! If the two events clashed, I knew I would be with Gillian while she gave birth, I didn’t even give it a second thought.

As it turned out everything aligned perfectly and I photographed Gillian and David welcoming their gorgeous baby boy, Max in the wee hours on the 2oth of May at Goulburn Valley Health. A few hours later Gillian and David’s the older three children meeting their new baby brother that same morning, then going to Melbourne to spend a couple of days with other photographers!!! WOW!!! Life is good 🙂

Please enjoy a montage of the birthing story of Max…

Also look forward to posts of Max’s newborn session (he is divine!) and my latest workshop adventures…. COMING SOON!!

UPDATE!! Max’s Newborn Shoot is on the BLOG!! Click here to have a peek 🙂

By Tanya Minotti Photography – Shepparton Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photographer.

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