The Birth of Oliver – a journey of love and loss

Here’s a scary thought for you, being told the baby that you have in your womb is deformed.

This is not my story but is a story that I am now familiar with. It’s a hard situation to imagine yourself in and one that I would not wish for any parent, but one that some parents do find themselves in.

Morgann and Paul found themselves living this heartbreaking journey. Their ninth child, the child that was the completion of their family, their little full stop, was this little baby; Oliver. It wasn’t until their third trimester of pregnancy when they went for a quick ultrasound to check Morgann’s cervix that they became aware of their precious little boy had Trisome 13 or Patau syndrome, and the likelihood of him surviving was low.

No-one could be sure of exactly what Oliver would look like, what physical deformities he would have, and the thought was a scary one for his parents. While Paul was Morgann’s rock, Morgann especially struggled with the idea of her baby being deformed, it would be a difficult internal battle and the battle was evident throughout her labour and birth. But once Oliver was born, her very strong maternal instincts replaced any fear and she was in love and her heart was breaking as she watched her son struggle to initiate breathing after he was born.

After Oliver established breathing and was laying on his mum’s chest, skin-to-skin, his parents were informed that he would die, the time they would have with him was not certain, but his chance of survival was zero. They both broke down.

Now it was important to Oliver’s parent’s that he meet his older sibling before he left this earth. Oliver fought for several hours, even crying, something his Morgann desperately wanted to hear. Oliver was introduced to all of his siblings, who just wanted to touch him, hold him, love him.

I had the absolute privileged to be invited to capture Morgann and Paul’s journey to meeting Oliver. As a mother of a large family, I am awe inspired by their gentle parenting and love they have for one another. Morgann and Paul have also graciously allowed me to share their story. Sharing these stories is something I feel blessed to have the opportunity to do. I have no doubt that it will help someone… just one person and I know that Morgann and Paul would feel fullfilled.


So grab yourself a cuppa and a box of tissues and immerse yourself in Oliver’s story.

(Warning… it’s much longer than any other video that I have made but I truly had difficulty condensing this without compromising the story)

By Tanya Minotti Photographer – Shepparton Birth Photographer

Contact 0412673156

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