Birth Photography – Why choose a professional?

Pregnancy is a magical time. You are only pregnant for a short time and although it may seem like a long time during your pregnancy it’s really only a few months in your life that you carry this little bundle for and it is over before you know it. During your pregnancy there is hardly a moment that goes by that you don’t think about the little person that you are growing; Will he look like you? Will she have a lot of hair? How big will he be? You have so many hopes and dreams for this little person… and you haven’t even met them yet!

Birth is something that in most cases you will remember for the rest of your life and a good birth experience is no doubt what women strive for. During your birth there are so many emotion fuelled moments that it can be easy to lose track of what happened, what you said, what you did or even who was there! It’s also an event that is so very intimate, you and your partner will never be closer!

More and more women are choosing to have their births preserved in photographs and as such there are more and more photographers choosing to photograph this very intimate event. So why did I choose to photograph births?

I had long been obsessed with pregnancy and birth so in 2007 I became a certified doula. I studied through Childbirth International, a very popular and highly regarded doula training program. I attended several births as a doula and at every one of my births I took photos after the birth of the baby; it was part of the service. Being a doula in my area was quite frustrating and clients were very few and far between. In 2013 a friend and fellow doula asked me to photograph the birth of her daughter…. and I was hooked! Not only could I offer support, I could also give the gift of the photographs of them meeting their beautiful new baby for the very first time, their very first breaths, their first cry, their first cuddle. These are things I love photographing!

So what are some other things that you should look for in a birth photographer and some things that I offer.

Insurance! I have public liability insurance, (this is very important not just for birth photography but newborn as well, please take this into account before you allow anyone to photograph your newborn!).
I am an experienced birth doula and as such I have extensive knowledge of the birthing process. I understand the intimacy and etiquette required during this unrepeatable event. I can offer support not just for the birthing woman but for her partner as well. I take pride in my birthing knowledge and understand labour room lingo and consider this a great asset to any birthing woman that I am supporting.
I have experience in many types of births; first time mums, grand multi’s, instrument assisted births, home births, free births, water births, mature age mums, VBAC, inductions, PPH. Most of these births are considered technically difficult due to the lighting  constraints. And this is something you need to be very considerate of due the the hindrance light has on the birthing process.
I am also an emerging member of The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and have entered their awards and look forward to entering more; this sees me strive for excellence.

I am a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, this association allows me to interact with other birth photographers.
I have undertaken training with other birth photography professionals, award winning photographers such as Victoria Berekmeri and Cassie Emmett, who are very well respected in the industry and who I admire immensely.

And most importantly, my birth photography clients are very happy they hired me 🙂 see my reviews on Facebook and testimonials on my website.

Other benefits to having a birth photographer are; They free up your partner, so they can concentrate on you ensuring that you have their attention 100% of the time and lets face it, a professional photographer will take photos that a so much better that a preoccupied partner could capture 😉 . Often partners feel threatened by other people in the birth space, but I can assure you a good birth attendant will only increase the intimacy between the birthing mother and her partner.

Your birth photographer should endeavour to get to know you through your pregnancy, creating a relationship with you so you feel comfortable with them during your most vulnerable time. It is always good to have familiar faces with you when you give birth, and when you are getting doula support as well this is continuity of care, which has proven benefits and increases the satisfaction of your labour and birth.

Birth is not all pain, nudity and gore, it is a beautiful transition into parenthood. With the right support you can have a beautiful experience, and a professional photographer can preserve that fleeting time for you forever.

Would you like more information as to why you should hire a birth photography professional? Please do not hesitate ask, I am always happy to chat about birth and birth photography 🙂

By Tanya Minotti – Shepparton’s Birth Photographer


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