Birth Photography – what it means to me.

I have recently had the absolute pleasure of being asked to capture two births. One home birth and one hospital birth (JUST!).

Being with women during this time is very special and I see it as an absolute honour to be sharing the same space with a labouring woman. There is truly something remarkable about women in this state. I know in the media it is quite often portrayed as a fearful, highly stressful time but it really isn’t. It is full of excitement, sometimes impatience and in the early stages the woman can be quite blissed out.

Birth always gets a lot of rough press, you often only hear about it if something bad happens or if a women doesn’t quite make it to hospital and the story is usually based on how there was a hero of an emergency worker who thankfully help “deliver” the baby (is my sarcasm coming across? 😉 ).

Birth in general is something that I love and something that I wish all women were as passionate about. I have found if woman are not well educated about birth (and not all women want to be) they can find their birth experience quite different from that which they had hoped for, maybe it’s because they feel overwhelmed during labour with the management they experience from their care providers or possibly they are not told all of their options. I think that because birth talk is still somewhat taboo and sometimes considered “gross” by some it can become quite difficult for women to own their birth due to not feeling able to discuss it openly.

This is where birth photography plays a great role giving real examples of how birth is for many, what other women have done and how they felt. It takes away some of the unknown; that is where fear hides and gives real life visual at what birth really is or what it can be given the opportunity.

Granted this is not the only benefit to having a birth photographed. Birth photography is an art form that depicts raw emotion that cannot be forged and illustrates how beautiful and sacred this moment is; a moment that can be shared with loved ones for years to come.

In summary birth photography normalises the process of birth, decreased the fear and I hope it will increase women’s ability to choose the birth they desire in the future all while preserving one of the most beautiful moments one may experience that can be cherished for many years to come.

Written by Tanya Minotti Photography – Shepparton Maternity, Birth, Newborn Photographer

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