The Birth of Rhylee – Shepparton

The lead up to Rhylee’s birth was emotionally draining for her mother, Tori-Lee. From very early on in her pregnancy, Tori-Lee was told at every antenatal appointment that she was growing a big baby and that her labour would be induced before her estimated due date. Tori employed me not just as her birth photographer but as her birth support as well. I had the same role for her first born as well (see his birth montage here) so she was very comfortable with coming to me for advice to hopefully calm her fears after she was told she was having a big baby and the threats of induction.

So after Tori had decided she would probably take her care providers advice and agree to an induction she then found out Rhylee had flipped into breach presentation! She asked what her chances of having Ryhlee vaginally if she stayed breach and was told that all of obstetricians that attended births at Goulburn Valley Health were not trained in breach birth and they would only be comfortable with a surgical birth. We tried lots of different things to help Rhylee to turn head down but all in vain, and she continued to travel bum down.

Tori decided to agree to the cesarean section and was booked in on the 28th of August 2018.

The morning of Tori’s birth was a chilly one and my windscreen was frozen over. I arrived at the hospital only moments before Tori and Keegan. Keegan embraced Tori in the car but Tori continued to sob. She had not yet come to grips with the whole surgical birth, she just could not let go of the fear. She felt out of control and that scared her. I actually wondered if she was going to pack up and go home! But she didn’t. With Keegan by her side and her best friend Sheree waiting for her out side the operating theatre, Rhylee Renee, who is the spitting image of her brother Dustyn, was brought earthside.

Please do enjoy this short montage of some of the photographs captured the day Rhylee Renee was born.



By Tanya Minotti Photography

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