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Cruz was a star during his newborn session! I arrived and he was sleeping after just being fed. I found the best place to set up he slept. His mum stripped him, he slept. I wrapped him, he slept…. you get the idea 🙂 Many newborn photographers know this is rarely the way things happen but when it does it feels good!! 🙂

Cruz’s mum contacted me after she had Cruz in Shepparton the week before. I am lucky to have had some free time during the early new year so I could fit him in… I love photographing newborns so don’t mind last minute bookings as long as I can fit them in my schedule. And I never regret it 😀

Cruz was not a small babe and when you see him in comparison to his sister who is just over a year older than him it is hard to believe he is only brand new. And his mum is tiny, I can only imagine how uncomfortable she was toward the end of her pregnancy 🙂 But oh my she makes beautiful babes!! Cruz and his big sister Aaliyah are stunning little people, both seemed to like being photographed too which was a bonus.

So let me share with you a few images I captured on my morning with Cruz.

*Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility for aching ovaries or premature ovulation during or after viewing these images* 😉 Enjoy!!

IMG_8381 IMG_7462 IMG_8355 IMG_8363 IMG_8368 IMG_8397 IMG_8398 Cruz-(23)IMG_8405IMG_8393 IMG_8466 IMG_8441 Cruz-(25)

I told yu so!! I honestly could have photographed them forever it was so much fun and an absolute pleasure.

Also please remember if you are pregnant and want to have photos of your babe by a professional when you baby is born it is best to book during the mid pregnancy to avoid disappointment. If you are unsure please contact me for a no obligation chat 🙂

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