Dakota – Newborn Photography

Dakota was born late on the evening of the 10th of March. After her mother assumed she would be in for a prolonged labour, Dakota decided she wanted out! She came quite fast! How do I know? I photographed her journey earthside and her very first moments after her amazing birth.

The Birth of Dakota

Birth photography is almost the complete opposite of posed newborn photography! Documenting emotions, feelings and keeping the intimacy of birth intact while capturing it in photographs. It’s a time that is such only a fleeting moment in the context of our lives, and it is so full of emotion that it can be quite easy to forget bits and pieces or even huge chunks! So when I deliver a birth story to new parents, it can feel like they are reliving the whole experience all over again because their photographs help them to recall those special ‘firsts’ that they has with their brand new baby. Handing the photographs to new parents is something I completely relish!

Then I have the privilege in returning to see the new baby and photographing them again as beautiful art; sculpturing them into gorgeous poses, usually while they sleep quite soundly, that look amazing in print and displayed on your walls for you to proudly share with everyone for years to come.

I am so very privileged to have shared all of that with Dakota and her parents!! I am truly BLESSED!!

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By Tanya Minotti – Shepparton Maternity, birth and newborn photographer

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