The Birth of Eli. Wangaratta

Victoria contacted me very early in her pregnancy, she knew she wanted her birth captured, and her partner, Ash wanted whatever Victoria did. This really makes me happy!! These two totally got each other and they were so very happy about welcoming a baby into their family!

Most of my clients live close by to Shepparton but Vic and Ash lived about an hour away and were planning on birthing in Benalla. All of which was not a problem for me. We caught up a few times throughout her pregnancy and kept in touch via text message.

Eli’s parents were told that he was not growing as expected so Victoria’s labour was induced in Wangaratta. Although I was looking forward to photographing in Benalla (I gave birth to two of my daughters there) I was just as happy to travel to Wangaratta… the place of my very own birth!

I arrived in Wangaratta at about midday and things were progressing nicely! Ash was supporting Victoria so well and the assistance from her midwife was exceptional!

No-one knew if Victoria was carrying a little girl or a little boy and the little surprise package was born with a little bit of help on the 18th of July 2018 at about 8:30pm weighing about 2.7kg.

I stayed for Eli’s weighing and first feed and waited until they were settled onto the ward before taking my leave. I got back to Shepparton at about midnight and slept like a log!

Please enjoy this little video of Victoria and Ash’s birthing journey to meet Eli.


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