Estelle’s newborn photos

I met Estelle’s parents when Estelle was still very tiny and happily growing in her mum’s belly when I photographed her big brother, Kadeyn’s 1st birthday.

Estelle arrived not long before Christmas (who can think of a better Christmas present?!) and her mum was super keen to capture her baby girl soon after she arrived earthside…. her special baby girl. I arrived at their family home and Estelle has just been bathed (a great way to relax a new baby 🙂 ). It took Estelle a little while to want to sleep, she happily lay in her bassinet while we set up, chatted and entertained big brother, Kadeyn with my big bean bag.

Estelle and Kadeyn’s Mum did want some photos of her two little ones together but Kadeyn had other ideas, and was not happy to be photographed at all! He is a super cute and very active little tike who kept Dad, Nanny and aunty George on their toes. He did not want to stay in one spot even for a second. These are the challenges of working with toddlers!

Meanwhile Estelle was a little restless but was mostly happy to be photographed…. except when it was dad’s turn to hold her. This was the time she thought would be perfect to make a bit of a mess… if yu know what I mean! Some baby’s don’t wet at all through the session, some do. Estelle did… a lot!! And then some 😉

Because Estelle settled really well (after messing up her dad’s white shirt *giggle*) I had the opportunity to try a pose that I had not tried before and had wanted to given that I had some beautiful unspun wall to use in my favourite colour, orange. The cocoon pose is a composite of two images and baby was held at all times to ensure she was safe.

Sharing only a few beautiful photos from Estelle’s shoot…

IMG_7464IMG_7477IMG_7471  IMG_7453 IMG_7437 IMG_7420 IMG_7406 IMG_7404 IMG_7405-(2)

She is divine, yes? 🙂

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