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I had the pleasure of being contacted by Melissa during her pregnancy to photograph her divine baby bump!! I blogged her session here and we chatted about meeting up again after her baby arrived in early March to capture those first precious moments of having a newborn baby. Looking at how beautiful Melissa was during her pregnancy it only seemed fitting that her baby was just as beautiful, and he was!!

So Heath decided that Melissa was far to stunning in pregnancy and that he would stay put for a while longer (as many babies will!) and arrived almost 2 weeks after Melissa’s estimated due date. I heard of his arrival and I was very keen to meet the little boy who had everyone swooning!! And oh my! He was a treasure!!

Heath was a baby that newborn photographers LOVE! He was happy to be posed while he slept soundly, he only needed one little feed during his session to make sure he was happy to stay sleeping while I kept on fluffing about to get his photos just right. He was a dream!!

Here are a few photographs we captured during Heath’s session…

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Remember, if you are wanting photographs of your newborn baby to capture that fleeting moment, please make sure to contact me during your pregnancy (preferably during your 2nd trimester) to ensure to reserve your session with me.

Contact me on 0412673156

By Tanya Minotti. Shepparton Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photographer

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