Jessica’s Belly Henna

Jessica contacted me a few months ago enquiring about birth photography. We have been in contact since and have met up a few times. The last time we caught up I decided to follow Jessica to Koonoomoo to capture Sharon from “Henna by Azeesa” applying henna art to Jess’ baby belly.

I arrived to a welcome party of dogs, big ones, small ones and they looked quite intimidating, but were all very happy meet me. I was shown into Sharon’s lounge where Jess was laying very relaxed on the couch with “Scrubs” quietly playing on the television. There was a lovely scent in the air that flowed from scented melts burning on the coffee table along side an open box of prepackaged henna application pipes. Jess’ belly was exposed and Sharon was sitting beside her on a dining room chair applying fine lines of dark brown henna onto her bare skin.

Jess was very relaxed and would quite frequently express her feelings of bliss. Her baby still growing within Jess’ womb was very active and would quite often kick and squirm which didn’t bother Sharon at all. The three of us chatted quietly and I would move about the room snapping photos as I saw them.

When Sharon completed her piece we waited for the design to dry completely before moving outside to snap a few more photos.

We were photobombed by Frankie the bulldog, and I couldn’t resist trying to get Frankie to sit for a few solo images (it wasn’t easy! Dogs are more interested in pats than in photos 🙂 ).

Here are a few of the images I captured of Jess, Sharon and Frankie.

IMG_8688 IMG_8699-copyIMG_8701-copy IMG_8706-copy IMG_8712-copy IMG_8717-copyIMG_8723-copyIMG_8716-copy IMG_8720-copy  IMG_8731-copy IMG_8732-copy IMG_8737 IMG_8740-copy


IMG_8751-copyIMG_8742  IMG_8755-copyIMG_8766


I look forward to the birth of this little one and capturing baby’s first breath and maybe even some newborn snuggles 🙂

Tanya Minotti Photography – Shepparton Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photographer.

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