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I met Kim shortly after the birth of her 1st daughter about 18 months ago. Her little newborn baby was so very tiny and only a few days old when we attended mother group at My Midwives (Shepparton ans Echuca branch) together. She had given birth at home a few days before and since then we have kept in contact. Kim is very friendly and loves to chat with other mums about babies and all things birth… so it’s no wonder we find it easy to find things to talk about with me being a birth junkie!

Kim has always been a really great supporter of my work and has always recommended me to anyone looking for a photographer. So it was a pleasure to photograph Kim when she became pregnant with her 2nd child.

Kim was one of those women who really loved being pregnant, she was always happy and glowing and when I asked her to model for me she just couldn’t wait!! We did a couple of small shoots in her last trimester and Kim was eager to try anything including getting very wet in the Shepparton lake for the 2nd one. And she truly was stunning 🙂

Here are a few of the shots we achieved…

These are from the 1st shoot when Kim was about 31 weeks.

Tanya Minotti PhotographyTanya Minotti PhotographyTanya Minotti Photography


This set was taken at about 35 weeks…

Tanya Minotti Photography 

IMG_8803-copyTanya Minotti Photography


I also had the privilege of being asked to capture the birth of this little babe. There will be a post on this in the very near future since this week babe entered the world just over 2 weeks ago (on the 19th of February) into Kim’s hands in water at home with the assistance of Andrea from My Midwives Shepparton and Echuca so keep an eye out for more of Kim’s journey soon 🙂 –ETA TAKE A LOOK AT KIM’S BIRTH STORY HERE 🙂


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