Life with Twins. Shepparton

A day in the life with Bec, Maddison and Zara.

I have known Bec for a few years now, we met through our local SANDS group. I remember when I leaned the news of Bec expecting twins, I was beyond excited for her!! That really doesn’t seem that long ago but the twins are now almost 20 months old. So when she asked me to come and photograph her little family I said yes straight away!! How could I not!?

When I arrived at Bec’s house it didn’t take long for the girls to quietly welcome me to their home. They looked at me a little questioningly… I hadn’t seen them for a while now so they wouldn’t remember my face. But their mum greeted me so warmly so they knew I was ok and I soon had them going about their business as per usual 🙂

Bec discussed with me what she wanted from the photo shoot. Nothing posed, just her girls playing and what ever else happens. Then never posed for me, I think that is what I love about very young children, they don’t yet “smile for the camera”, which made my job so much easier to capture the true nature of this family.

The morning was full of us and downs for Maddison and Zara. Joy at a story with mum and then finding their gumboots to go outside and play. Tears when Zara fell over and cuddles with mum to abate those tears. Helping mum put the clothes on the line and then helping the washing spin on the clothes line. Excitement at a simple snack with each other, of which they shared without any fuss. Giggles while being pushed on the swing and nursery rhymes with mum. When lunch time came around the twins both need to be fed NOW! They cried to be picked up and Bec hoisted them both onto her hips. She sat with them quietly to settle them and then made them their lunch with them tearily following her around the kitchen. A few tantrums later and lunch was served.

They ate quietly while Bec spoke to her mum on the phone who was overseas on a holiday and then Bec’s sister, Kerry came for a visit with her two beloved dogs, who Maddison and Zara love dearly! Cuddles with Kerry and play time with the dogs was followed by a bit of playtime before I needed to pack up.

I have no doubt life with twins is exhausting, but I bet the time goes by so fast that it can be hard to recall this time in their lives. I know these photographs will be cherished by Bec as the girls grow older and I hope the girls too will cherish the images and share them with their children in the future 🙂

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  1. Skye Rando says:

    Absolutely beautiful. You captured the ups and downs in a day with young children wonderfully. Love your work.

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