My introduction to birth photography


In 2008 while completing my doula studies (what is a doula? I attended my first birth. Baby Deon was born on Fathers day to ecstatic parents, Judy and Craig. His birth was a little stop start but once he decided he wanted out, he came in a hurry!
My first experience as a doula was also my first experience as a birth photographer. I always offered my clients birth photography but they usually only wanted photographs after their bundle was born. Judy was no exception. I know that she dearly loves this picture of moments-old-Deon and I know I loved taking it.
Recently I was asked by a friend if I would like to photograph her birth to which I accepted. I enjoyed the experience and felt my experience as a doula helped immensely. I also felt less pressure than when attending a birth as a doula. The doula’s role can be quite intensive and emotionally binding (but something that I still love).
Birth photography is becoming quite trendy, and why shouldn’t it? It is such a wonderful time, a time that should be treasured. And I feel that with birth photography comes empowered women; women who want to capture a moment in their lives that will change them forever.

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