Nate 5 weeks. Newborn photography

I have not had the challenge of photographing an older newborn up until now. I was contacted by Nate’s Mum soon after Christmas in hopes of capturing her baby son. She told me that she didn’t get photo’s of her 1st son and she regretted it and wanted to get some professional photos this time. Nate was an older newborn and fitting in a photoshoot around new years was a little difficult but we slotted Nate’s shoot in for when he was 5 weeks old. I was a little nervous about how the shoot would go having never had experience with an old babe but I was happy to just go with the flow 🙂

I arrived and Nate had been fed and was a little sleepy. I wrapped him up, which was no mean feat considering his size! He was a big baby born and was now 5 weeks old so was rather huge! Definitely not what I am used to and wrapping him was a small challenge. We got a couple of photos before he woke again and wanted to be cuddled. I took some shots with mum and some awake shots, I reassured mum that I had no time constraints and just let the family go about their business. Dad went into town to check his lotto ticket that a woman had bought him for helping his daughter (I think he won $13), Caleb played with his robot dog and remote control car and mum fed and cuddled Nate.

Eventually Nate called it quits and fell into a lovely deep sleep. And then we could do just about anything with him (within reason, older newborns are not as flexible as babies under 2 weeks so some poses may cause injury to baby).

We got some lovely shots and when his big Brother Caleb was ready for some photos he was a dream to photograph also!!

Just a few…Check these out…

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