Newborn Noyan 6 days – Shepparton

Shepparton Newborn photography shoot with 6 day old Noyan.

Noyan’s mother contacted me when she was pregnant with him to book a newborn shoot.  She didn’t know any photographers but knew she wanted her new baby photographed when he arrived. Noyan’s parents are from Afghanistan and have only been in Australia for a few years. Both Noyan’s parents are from large families but only have each other here in Australia. I think this is one of the main reasons Noyan’s mum wanted to capture him in photographs at such a young age. Photos are so much easier to share in today’s day and age with our technology and I think they help families feel closer even if they are half a world apart.

Noyan was a perfect little newborn model, and slept for the majority of his session. He needed one tiny top up toward the end of his session and went right back to sleep.

It was a joy to watch his parents dote over him and his father’s look of joy each time he held him in his arms.

I truly hope the photographs I captured of Noyan help his family  during this time of separation to celebrate his arrival.

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