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I recently booked in with Liz Arcus Photography to have her capture me with my youngest 5 children, the youngest of which I am still breastfeeding. I wanted her to capture us as we are now and to capture some shots of the breastfeeding relationship ┬ámy youngest and I have. I am not often in front of the camera and when I am I usually don’t enjoy it or the looking at my image, this is why I wanted Liz to photograph me (us), I knew she would make me happy with the results ­čÖé And I was right!!

Take a look at me and my beautiful family captured by Liz, here;

Tanya and her Children – a breastfeeding session + a little bit more

Doing this for myself inspired me to offer photographs to others who do not often have photos taken of themselves.

I put the call out for people to nominate who would be suitable for this shoot and I had some really great nominations and it was very difficult to choose!

Rebecca’s nomination read: “Rebecca┬áis pregnant with her third baby, she already has 2 girls Riley’s who’s around 4yrs old and Asha who’s 2/3yrs old, her partner’s Shaun, for the past year they have been through a lot with their daughter Asha being diagnosed with leukaemia…

“I feel they deserves it, not only because they had a rough year but because they’re┬áa beautiful family.

Rebecca and her girls were so welcoming and friendly. The girls were excited to have me there and were keen to show off their nail polish, new toys and how high they could jump ­čÖé



I want to say a huge thank you to Rebecca for being so welcoming and accommodating to my requests. It was so much fun spending the afternoon with you and your family. It was a hot day and I have no doubt you were tired, so thank you again.

Written by Tanya Minotti Photography

Shepparton Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photographer


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  1. […] Earlier this year I had the privileged of Meeting Anna and her son Harold at Anna’s parent’s place between┬áShepparton and Euroa. I ran a little competition on my Facebook page and I asked for nominations of people who don’t exist in photos enough, and I would choose a winner.┬áI myself do not have enough photographs of myself and I employed Liz Arcus to photograph me and my family, you can see what she came up with here.┬áI wanted to do the same for others. So Anna was one of my chosen winners (and I chose a couple of other people too, like, Rebecca, you can see her shoot here). […]

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