The Baptism of Maddison

Four month old Maddison was Baptised on the 12 of October in the Anglican Church of Australia, The Parish of the Holy Trinity Church in Benalla. The Holy Trinity is a beautiful old church, with lovely stained lead light windows and a friendly pastor and all the local church goers were warm and welcoming.


The morning I arrived in Benalla it was warm and sunny and not a cloud in the sky even with the forecast informing me of late rate ahead. I hadn’t met Maddison’s parents previously but when they arrived I just knew who they were.  Jarod, Maddison’s dad had a basketball top on and changed in the car while Maddison’s mum, Laura changed Maddison in the back of their wagon into her christening gown that was over 100 years old! A beautiful cotton gown that had been worn and passed down through the generations.


Maddison’s loved ones slowly made their way into the church after greeting each other out side.  They all sat close by each other and made up for most of the congregation in the small church. Maddison’s big brother was quite overwhelmed and found comfort beneath a pew but was soon comforted by Maddison’s soon to be Godfather and distracted by his phone.

IMG_5890 IMG_5886IMG_3771 IMG_3768 IMG_5896

After the usual Sunday service it was time for Maddison, her parents and her chosen God parent’s to present Maddison for her christening.

IMG_3774 IMG_3779 IMG_5915IMG_5917IMG_5930IMG_5939IMG_5957IMG_3785

After the main event the children made their way to the back of the church to keep them entertained with crayons and colouring-in pages while the last of the formalities of the church wound up.

IMG_5997IMG_5993 IMG_5992IMG_5979 IMG_5975IMG_6008

When the service concluded everyone gathered outside the church to converse and congratulate Maddison on her baptism.

IMG_6084 IMG_6069 IMG_6051IMG_6050 IMG_6032IMG_6027 IMG_6026IMG_6023 IMG_6019 IMG_6016IMG_3806IMG_3818


It was a truly beautiful morning, with Maddison a gorgeous centre of it all and hardly a fuss from her during the whole ceremony.  Thank you so much for asking me to capture the special occasion.

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