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I have known Kirsty for a couple of years now, we met after I committed to becoming a wildlife rescuer and transporter with Wildlife Victoria. Kirsty runs her own wildlife shelter in Bunbatha Victoria, Bohollow Wildlife Shelter, it is her life!! She specialises in birds but she has all sorts of critters in her care. Kirsty had 3 children when we met but last year she welcomed a new baby boy to her family. After rescuing a turtle that was stuck in a channel gate I dropped it off with Kirsty. She told me that she was opting for a scheduled caesarean for the birth of her baby. I had never photographed a surgical birth so offered to captured it for her if she would like me to. During her ante natal appointments she had asked her care providers if she could bring along a birth photographer and was told that I would not be able to due to restrictions within the operating theatre. I offered to come along with her anyway, just in case and to capture the rest of her birth story.

The morning of her scheduled birth I arrived at Goulburn Valley Health at a bit past 7am and waited for Kirsty and her birthing partner and good friend, Lou to arrive. It was going to be a hot day but the morning was glorious! After Kirsty arrived we made our way to admissions then up to maternity ward for Kirsty and Lou to change into their beautiful *cough cough* theatre clothes and we were informed once again that I would not be allowed in the operating room due to space limitations. After Kirsty was wheeled to the OR I waited……..

After Kirsty,  had given birth, which seemed like forever, Lou came out to me and told me she the baby was a BOY! Kirsty was sure she was carrying a girl! I could see that Lou was emotional, the birth of a new babe will always make people cry! Lou left for a little while and gave me a bit of time to go into recovery with Kirsty and her new little boy who she named, Billi Lou.

Kirsty’s recovery time was quite short and I knew she was determined not to be in the hospital bed for long. After Kirsty was wheeled back to her room on the ward she received a text about a wombat in Mooroopna! Obviously Kirsty wasn’t going anywhere and we didn’t want her to worry about it so Lou and I went to see if we could capture it. I was worried about what we were going to put a WOMBAT in and before we left Kirsty suggested a wheelie bin to try put it in (if we could get it in). After leaving the hospital to go and find the wombat we went past my house to grab some supplies. A wheelie bin (my green waste bin, so it didn’t smell!) rope and some sheets.

We got to Mooroopna to find the wombat was trying to dig to China under a older couple’s garden in their back yard. I have never known a wombat to be in Mooroopna and how it came to be in this fenced off yard I will never know, but now we needed to catch it and get it to a more suitable location.

The idea of capturing a wombat was quite daunting so I called for back up. I thought the more the merrier 🙂 My sister came to assist us so in all there were 5 people trying to get a wombat in a bin in a backyard in Moorooopna! Wombats are quite big and very strong! After a bit of a struggle to get the wombat to go where we wanted it to, we used water from the residence’s hose to force the wombat (backwards) into the wheelie bin. Once in the bin, the bin was secured with rope and loaded into my car (thankfully I have lots of kids and therefore a big car!). After capturing the wombat we weren’t really sure where to take it. We made a few phone calls and although we could have released it relatively close to home we dicided to take a drive out to Boho to let it go, just to be on the safe side.

Here’s a quick video of us capturing the wombat.

We returned to Goulburn Valley Health with good news about the wombat, I took some more photos of Kirsty’s beautiful baby boy before going to collect my own children and returning home 🙂

Watch the birth montage of some of the photographs captured on Billi Lou’s birthday.

If you are interested in birth photography and have questions, please message me for a chat 🙂 If you are scheduling a caesarean birth I can capture those amazing first moments after you give birth, just message me or call me for more information.

I love talking about birth so do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

Kirsty runs Bohollow Wildlife Shelter with no government funding, she relies on donations to get her animals back to a healthy condition to release back to the wild. All donations go directly to Bohollow Wildlife Shelter which is a local shelter for local wildlife.

To donate to Bohollow Wildlife Shelter click


Or donate through the website.

By Tanya Minotti Photography – Shepparton Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photographer

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