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Tori-Lee had been patiently awaiting the arrival of her son. As many mothers do, she watched as her due date came and went. We had one false alarm when we thought, mmmaaaaayyybbeee!! But it didn’t turn into anything substantial. She tried many different things to help encourage her body and her baby to get a move on but nothing worked, I even took her to a grandstand at a local footy ground and got her to walk up and down a few times in hopes to open her pelvis up!

Shepparton Birth PhotographerShepparton Birth Photographer


She continued to wait and when she reached 41w4d she agreed to undergo an induction of labour at her local hospital, Goulburn Valley Health. Tori-Lee was quite nervous about the process and was quite scared of not being able to cope with the pain. I could tell she was nervous but it soon bubbled to the top and Tori-Lee began to let go of the wall she had put up. I stayed with her and Keegan for most of that day and vowed to return first thing in the morning.

On my return I could see that Tori-Lee was still scared and that she wasn’t happy with how things were going. She was having contractions which was a good thing and I was relieved that her body had responded well to her initial attempts at bringing on labour. As the day went on the contractions increased and so did Tori-Lee’s inability to see the end. She grew unfaithful in her body and she was continually voicing her fear of the pain that she was going to experience. Reassurance, cuddles and kisses from her partner and support from her friend Sheree pushed her through each wave of bringing her baby closer. And I have no doubt that the closeness between herself and her partner played a big role in the way her body was responding to the induction.

I watched Tori-Lee go from being a scared young woman to a powerful birthing goddess!! She has this inner glow, an inner power, that she rarely lets out and I don’t even think she is aware it’s there, but boy did I see it!!


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If you love the idea of capturing your birth story, please get in touch. The only regrets any of my clients have is that they didn’t photograph their previous birth/s.

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