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Last year I entered 3 photographs into the 2016 VPPY’s (AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Epson Victorian Professional Photography Awards) that were held in Melbourne, and while each of them scored well none received scores high enough to receive awards. The process of getting my photographs to the awards was quite daunting… just choosing photographs was difficult! I second guessed myself all the way. I travelled to Melbourne for the judging and it was a wonderful experience. I sat mostly on my own (anyone who knows me will know this is quite normal) but I chatted to photographers I know and I could see the nerves as their photographs turned around on the judging screen…. and yep, I felt it too… sitting there while my work was judged, enough to give one a heart attack!! Unfortunately I didn’t get much feed back for my work but the feed back others received was very helpful.

After the 2016 VPPY’s I knew that I wanted to experience the whole thing again. As the year progressed I kept photographs in mind to enter the next time around. But even when the nest VPPY’s came I kept putting off getting prints done and within the last week  began to panic. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to enter…”was it good enough?”, “could  afford it?”, “what if I come away feeling discouraged with the results?” so on and so on!!

I was going to enter something… I just needed some guidance. So I reached out. I find it a little hard to do at times but I needed to if I was going to feel confident with my entries… and just entering when you know the quality of photography entered by other artists is a task unto itself! So I put a call out on the AIPP Facebook page. A few people responded and one in particular was a wealth of knowledge and help. They showed me EXACTLY what was right and what was wrong with the photos that I had in mind to enter. After speaking with them I felt a whole lot more confident and even picked out a few more photos to enter.

After selecting my photographs I contacted Ian from Altered Images, a printer that was recommended to me. He was very helpful and went to a lot of effort for me. I trusted Ian and got him to send me photographs in from there rather then sending them to me and then sending them off again.

Unfortunately I could not attend this years Judging due to work commitments but I attempted to watch the judging via the Livestream… which was terrible. The connection kept dropping out. I say my first Photograph come up and before the score could be shown my connection dropped out!! Urgh!! Thankfully the beautiful Emily Black messaged me to let me know that my photograph had scored a SILVER!! All my photographs were being judged on day one of judging and I tried to watch the judging as best I could I got to see most of them but missed the photo of Finn and his brother’s teddy so I missed my 3rd Silver 🙂


Here are my highest scoring photographs;

Tanya Minotti PhotographyTanya Minotti PhotographyTanya Minotti Photography


I have a lot of people that helped me and supported me and I have to say that this community of professional photographers is just mind blowing. I find it a little difficult to take advantage of the community of AIPP members due to my location and my family situation but I am grateful for at least being able to converse and participate with member online.


Update: I was made aware that some of my work that I submitted into the awards was featured in the Daily Mail 🙂

Update #2: Another article published after the recent awards that my work makes an appearance…

Update #3: Shepp News came to Visit on Friday 🙂

Update #4: Another article similar to the first two 🙂

Stunning Australian Photography Of Birth, Family And Newborns


Written by Tanya Minotti – Shepparton’s Awards Winning Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photographer

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